How to Be a Forensic Scientist in Tennessee,TN

Forensic scientists analyze and interpret evidence collected from crime scenes to help law enforcement agencies apprehend criminals. Forensics is a very important part of criminal investigation these days.

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Should I Become a Forensic Scientist in Tennessee?

If you have been thinking about becoming a forensic scientist, then read the following guide to find out how you can do that.

Education RequiredA bachelor’s degree at least
Major RequirementCriminology, Forensic Science or a similar field
Experience/TrainingField experience is needed to get certification
Key SkillsAttention to detail, Strong Observational Skills, Patience, Strong Research Skills, etc.
Annual Mean Salary (2019) – National$63,170 (Forensic Science Technicians)
Annual Mean Salary (2019) – Colorado$52,270 (Forensic Science Technicians)
Job Outlook (2019-2029)14% (Forensic Science Technicians)

Job Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected strong employment growth for forensic science technicians in the future. These professionals are expected to enjoy a job growth of 14% between 2018 and 2028.

Steps to Become a Forensic Scientist in Tennessee

You need to complete the following steps to become a forensic scientist in Tennessee:

Step 1: Pick a Discipline

You should be very clear about the forensic science discipline you want to pick. This will allow you to plan your educational journey and prepare for other requirements.

Step 2: Get the Required Degree

You need at least a bachelor’s degree to start your journey in forensic science. The degree has to be in a scientific discipline. The American Academy of Forensic Science has even provided guidelines on the course curriculum for forensic scientists.

Step 3: Get Advanced Education

If you go for a specialized field of forensic science, then you will need advanced education in most cases. You might be required to get a master’s degree or even a doctorate like a Ph.D. or a DDS.

Step 3: Complete On-the-Job Training

You will have to complete on-the-job training too in order to learn how forensic investigations are conducted. In most cases, young forensic scientists are paired with experienced ones to help the learning process.

Step 3: Consider Certifications

A lot of employers these days prefer candidates with additional certifications. The competition is fierce so getting advanced certifications can only be good for your career prospects.

How Long Will It Take to Become a Forensic Scientist in Tennessee?

The duration to become a forensic scientist will depend on the educational path you pick and the discipline of the field you decide to go for.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Forensic Scientist in Tennessee?

You need to meet the following requirements to become a forensic scientist:

  • Get the needed degree
  • Get advanced education
  • Get on-the-job training
  • Get additional certifications

How Much Does a Forensic Scientist Earn in Tennessee?

Forensic Science Technicians in Tennessee earned an annual mean salary of $52,270 in 2019. This figure has been taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.