How to Be a Forensic Scientist in Oklahoma,OK

Forensic scientists have a vital role to play when it comes to solving crimes. These professionals are tasked with the duty of collecting evidence and analyzing it to find clues that could help apprehend criminals.

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Should I Become a Forensic Scientist in Oklahoma?

There were 210 Forensic Science Technicians employed in the state of Oklahoma in 2019, according to the latest figures published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you have aspirations of becoming a forensic scientist in Oklahoma, read the following article.

Education RequiredA bachelor’s degree at least
Major RequirementCriminology, Forensic Science or a similar field
Experience/TrainingField experience is needed to get certification
Key SkillsPressure Handling, Meticulous, Strong Analytical Ability, Patience, etc.
Annual Mean Salary (2019) – National$63,170 (Forensic Science Technicians)
Annual Mean Salary (2019) – Colorado$55,880 (Forensic Science Technicians)
Job Outlook (2019-2029)14% (Forensic Science Technicians)

Job Outlook

Forensic Science Technicians are predicted to enjoy 14% job growth in the US between 2018 and 2028 as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This job growth rate is a lot faster than the average job growth for all other occupations.

Steps to Become a Forensic Scientist in Oklahoma

Step 1: Get the Degree

If you are not going for a specialized discipline of forensic science, then a bachelor’s degree with a science background will be enough for most cases. However, if you decide to opt for a specialized field in forensic science, then you will have to get advanced education to land a job you want. Some fields even require candidates to have a Ph.D. or a DDS.

Step 2: Practical Training

Practical training is a very important part of the process if you want to become a forensic scientist. In most cases, young recruits are paired with more experienced professionals to ease the learning process.

Step 3: Get Certifications

A lot of employers these days are giving preference to people with additional certificates. Plenty of institutes all around the country are offering certificates related to different types of forensic science disciplines.

How Long Will It Take to Become a Forensic Scientist in Oklahoma?

The duration it takes you to become a forensic scientist will depend on different factors. The discipline you choose, the educational path you pick, and the training you get, will all determine the time it takes you to join the field.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Forensic Scientist in Oklahoma?

The following are the requirements to become a forensic scientist in Oklahoma:

  • Get the necessary education
  • Get practical training
  • Consider getting additional certifications
  • Look for a job

How Much Does a Forensic Scientist Earn in Oklahoma?

As per the latest figures provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Forensic Science Technicians working in Oklahoma earned an annual mean income of $55,880 in 2019.

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